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Below you'll find the wholly-remarkable (if only for the curiousity of why I wrote it down in the first place) ramblings of a, well... er, uhm, whatever I am. Yes, there are a lot of quizzes - consider it self-psychoanalysis... but you'll also find some gems of wisdom from yours truly.

Well, "gems of wisdom" a rough phrase meaning "rant against idiocy."

PLEASE NOTE SOME ENTRIES ARE LISTED (unfortunately) "FRIENDS ONLY," as a little more of my life has been spreading around the Academy than I thought was appropriate. ;-) If you think I could be a better person by adding you to my friends list, drop me a line. By doing so, you'll get the juicy, disturbing, frightening, and I'd-frankly-not-like-to-get-fired bits that are left out of the public version. :-)

Along the way, I'll probably say some things that will offend you. I use LJ as a way to be honest with the world (one of the few venues I have available to me), and I can't afford to PC my way around the more thorny bits. All I can say is that I won't *intentionally* single you out for abuse.
I won't do it often, at least.
You. Have. Been. Warned.

I started LJ late enough that I could retrace and add tags. As I add more to the journal, I'll include them here... so feel free to jump directly to what interests you.

NOTE: Newer posts can be found below. This one stays on top as a header.

Well how 'bout that?
Uhm... Thanks for the quick response.

State of the Season
I'm been so preoccupied I forgot to give my standard happy equinox/solstice greeting this year. :-/
Of course, I've been so preoccupied I forgot to write several recommendation letters for students... and had to run into school to bang them out before deadlines passed.

...and while I was here I was informed that I needed to finish transferring files/equipment from my old office to my 'new' one - after all, it HAS been 4 months since I moved in... and I'm still using my old office-mate's room as my annex. ;-)
So an hour of frantic typing followed by 3 hours of moving several items weighing a sizable fraction of a ton from one room to another. Alone. Over carpet.


One of them was too heavy for the industrial dolly. I broke the axle on it. :-/
So I had to get prehistoric on its ass and found some 1" wooden dowel rods and *rolled* it like a giant stone edifice from the mountain to the sea.

Take that, Easter Islanders! And I did it w/o eating myself in the process. :-P (although I haven't had breakfast yet so it was a close call there for a second)


I'm still working on communication issues at home, but have hope that things will work out for the best in the end. Overall I'm pretty happy - I just don't handle phases of intense stress well. Constant low-grade stress? Sure. Back and forth stress? Not so much. There's a reason that my natural state is a hermit.
Perseverance is the key. Perseverance and a lot of love, that is.

Love doesn't solve everything... but mix it with perseverance and it gets all sticky. Something to do with the molecular nature of chocolate, I think.


I've been running a game for the past month or so. We've had 3 sessions with attendance cracking 12 at one point. My usual style doesn't lend itself to groups this big, but since I've covering for someone else's group I really don't have the luxury of paring it down any.
Of course, what makes it more trouble is that most of this group isn't used to open-ended game worlds. No linear plot here. Figure out what you want to do, then do it.
Preferably as a group. ;-)
I provide a world, a history, and some challenges. If you want to work around hooks I throw out, more power to you. But just don't go crying to mama when 1) some NPC gets the glory instead of you, or 2) the repercussions for not tackling the problem comes a knocking... often with consequences that affect far more than you.

Case in point. A war is brewing. The party *could* have known by now what is going on... or at least have the tools necessary to figure it out later. As it stands, they'll be in the dark as much as the next guy.
Always a good thing to be a small cog in a large war, yes? After all, who wants to be an indispensable problem solver? Geezus. ;-)


This was supposed to be the year I finally got back on my feet financially. As it turns out I've had sooo many unexpected costs that I may have to take out another loan this summer to make ends meet. :-(

I ~do~ have THREE summer workshops scheduled, but the approximately 6 grand I'll get for those won't arrive until after summer ends. /sigh


I'm hoping to see The Freak sometime this week. No plans were made yet (can't get hold of anyone down in Lexington) but I'm trying to keep the schedule open.


Traveling to Chi-town next week to visit edwarddain, phoenixprime, and sylvarthorne in what is rapidly becoming a bi-annual event. :-)

Uhm... other than that:
1) The Deathsled still rocks... despite it being the time of year (and weather to exemplify it) that gave the Deathsled it's name in the first place.
2) Coke Zero still rocks. :-D
3) Haven't seen TRON yet. Grrr.
4) Even at 42, I'm learning a lot about myself this year. For all the hopes I had pegged on 2010, it started out as crappy as they come. It didn't stay that way, fortunately... and despite a few glitches along the way it looks like it will end strong springboard for 2011. ::crosses fingers::

I was just about to call you.
And I just called you first.
Does that mean that I get negotiating privileges? I mean, if YOU called, then YOU must want something.
But you called me!
But ~I~ don't want anything. You do.
So go ahead and say it. No need to drag this out like usual. I have rather important things to do other than watch you beat down trees.
That's "beat around bushes"
Whatever. Spill it.
Fine. Looking for insight. I'm stuck, and obviously trying to figure this ~quickly~ on my own isn't working... and I don't think I have the time to do it my way.
I neither confirm nor deny
As usual.
As usual.
I'll see what I can do.
Thanks. Cost will be vague, unexpected, and unrelated I presume?
Of course.
It's a deal, then.
It was a deal the moment you asked.
I don't like negotiating with you.
Perhaps you should stop calling it 'negotiation'.
Good point. :-/

(no subject)
So... here I am. Sitting at the front of a large room full of Mutants, keeping the appearance of proctoring this test responsibly. But frankly, if these guys wanted to cheat, there'd be very little chance of catching them. 99% are good eggs, and I refuse to scrutinize the good ones in an attempt to dissuade the bad ones. Most of the bad ones have been kicked out by now, in any case. ;-)

So instead of walking around the room tsk-tsk-ing, I'm pouring over the web and/or reading book 8 of the Dresden Files. <-- great series by the way (Thanks to edwarddain for tipping me off to it.)

And although I'm bored as hell now, the next 3 weeks will be anything but.
Take the next 36 hours, for instance:

Test ends.
Rush back to office to turn in paperwork.
Give make-up exam to students with schedule conflicts
Pick up kiva at the library.
Rush home to drop off kiva, then head down to Indianapolis.
Juggle the start of final-exam-grading with taking care of my father (taking turns with my sisters until mom gets back into town... FIVE weeks from now. :-/). Other than "exam-grading is a bitch", taking care of dad is more mentally stressful than anything else. He's twice as smart as I am, perceptive as hell, and might actually be more stubborn than I am, too. Hard to imagine, I know.
Continue grading.
Continue grading.
Continue grading.
Once the old man heads off to sleep, I'll take off for Fountain square to spend some time at the slosh (haven't been out in ~weeks~), then back to dad's place to...
Continue grading.
Continue grading.
Continzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz <-- this'll happen sooner or later.
Wake up pretty early.
Continue grading.
Continue grading.
Continue grading.
At some point I will finish grading exams, lab portfolios, and research papers... then it's back up to Muncie again to turn in said grades, and argue (inevitably) with BSU that 'yes I'm faculty', 'yes my students are ~high school~ students', 'yes they are also ~college~ students', and 'yes they need to have their grades recorded at the university level too'.
Then finally back home. Spend some quality time with kiva and vos...
...and then hopefully get some more sleep to recharge my brain.

And that's just the next 36 hours. Probably less than 36. More like 30.

In any case, it doesn't stop for a while... although with luck I'll have a few moments here and there to reset & recalibrate. I'll update my 3.5 week "vacation" as time permits.

ja mata!

Amish Youth
189K 1:08
(no transcription available)

The Freak Returns
The Freak arrives back in Indy on Oct 9. Her schedule is filling up already. If you want time to see her, let me know available times and I'll see what I can do.

I'm not sure when she leaves again (probably Sat or Sun), so be sure to torment her while the iron is hot!
(or something like that, I think)

rambling updates
As many of you have probably already figured out via my vague ramblings with the Universe (hey, it's the only way to talk to Her so she understands... or at least the only way She talks back - so it's become habit), interesting stuff is going around here (perhaps the Chinese definition of 'interesting', granted).

I have a very good friend (and a pretty one at that) being jerked around and (in my definition, perhaps not hers) emotionally abused by someone very close to her - and I've dedicated a sizable amount of processing power to figure out a plan to find place for her to live while simultaneously allowing her to eat and finish out the 6 remaining months of her degree.

(( Recognize that she's certainly strong enough to do all of this on her own, but old habits die hard... and while she's reeling my knee-jerk reaction kicked in and starting creating a safety net. Thus far she's accepted the help - so I'll do what I can, while I can. ))

This may mark marks the first time the Universe pointed at someone ~before~ I was needed. Frankly, I'm very grateful for the opportunity. It's nice to know that someone spends time with you because they want to, and not because they need to. ;-)
The fact that I can potentially greatly help the situation is an added bonus. Makes me feel useful.

I haven't felt useful terribly often as of late.

There's still dark moments to be sure... but there has *always* been dark moments (or at least darker than they should have been) ... but recently those are considerably rarer and far more short-lived. I'll take it while it lasts.

In other news, I uncoiled the ol' Aura and took it for a ride earlier this week. One of the Top 3 moments I have had this year, and potentially ranks in the Top 5 Happiest Moments in Memory.

Strange how that all works out.

The Scientist is stepping back in... but much more slowly than usual. Also strange.
Good thing too, since I haven't had a chance to complete the Work I started a few days ago. That may be on the back-burner for a while, depending on how the first-mentioned situation pans out. Until then I have an unusable knife on my multi-tool. ;-)

Ah... ~now~ I get it
::ring ri-::
I'm here
Expecting me, were you?
Yes. You were expecting me ~not~ to expect you?
Well no. It's just unnerving.
I am what I am.
That is true.
You know why I called.
Yes. It wasn't the anomaly that you thought it was.
...I thought you were trying something different for a change.
You thought I would do something ~differently~...
Hey. It's possible.
No. It's not.
Fine fine. I know. An inability to recognize a pattern on my part does not constitute a change of mind on yours.
Well put.
Gee, thanks.
But this ~is~ different than before.
No. It is merely a different ~stage~ than before.
Congratulations. You've moved to the next step. Practice is over.
Just kidding. Practice is never over. But this is a different kind of practice, granted.
Or at least you'll ~think~ it's different, so I thought I'd help out by agreeing with you.
Uhm... for the record, you're not supposed to let me know that part.
Am I?
Damn it. You're not going to pull that 'you're going to think it anyway' thing, are you.
Am I?
You over-think things. I'll just make it so confusing you give up and simply do your job.
Once again, 'gee thanks.'
Wait. You're not complaining, are you?
Hell no. Just informing you that I understand now.
Do you?
Enough with the questions, dammit!
As you like.
Just again, I get it. Or at least I think I get it. Or at least you are making me ~think~ I get it. Doesn't matter.
Ah, you do get it.
Don't 'shush' me.
"Hush", then. Whatever. The important thing is that you still have a job for me to do, yes?
And that job hasn't changed?
Let's say it 'evolved'.
I'll accept that.
Good... because I'm not letting you out of it. That was the original Deal.
Will you stop bringing that up?
I wouldn't have you working the job if I didn't think you could do it. Or that you didn't need it. It's an important job and you're the sentient for it. Or at least the nearest one I could find.
Thrice again, "gee thanks."
You're welcome. Our temporary agreement is still in force. Don't squander it.
I don't plan too. Whoa... wait a sec-
Nevermind. Even ~you're~ not that twisted.
I never confirm nor deny.

This one was far easier (to write, anyway).
metatron&#39;s cube
Wait. I ~felt~ that.
Heh. I bet you did.


Things one can do with a lot of motivation, a fairly decent grasp of Qabalistic symbolism, and the knife on a multi-tool.

...and a decent amount of blood. I used to be pretty hard-core, you know. ;-)

My poor knife. Might not be able to use it for any thing else again.

Figured I should get that done while the Mystic still had free-reign. The quadruple conjunction of Equinox, Holiday, Birthday, and Event stunned the Scientist enough that it's been a bit slow in reeling in that leash.

Just need one more day. Keep the Scientist asleep until tomorrow.


Are you serious? Tonight you're going to do that again?
No. Last time I merely ~built~ it. Tonight I'm going to ~use~ it. Brace for impact.
Oh dear.
"Temporary Agreement"
True. Temporary Agreement.


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